Mat Classes

The Pilates Mat work forms the foundation of the Pilates method. A Mat class includes a series of exercises performed on a soft mat on the floor. It is every bit as challenging as the Pilates work on the equipment; some may say even more so. The Mat work is a great place to hone the fundamental techniques of Pilates.

During a Mat class, your instructor will safely guide you through an exercise sequence designed to build strength, stability and flexibility. Some Mat classes involve other props such as small balls, foam rollers and Magic Circles.



Class Descriptions


This 5-week series is perfect for students new to Pilates, or for those wanting to revisit the fundamentals of the method. Students will begin learning the basics of Pilates, slowly integrating them into the exercises so that they can safely and easily transition into one of our Ongoing Mat classes.

Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates, this class is appropriate for all students. Attention is given to executing Pilates Mat exercises with proper form, alignment and focus on the mind/body connection. Small exercise props such as Magic Circles, weights, bands and balls are often utilized to engage specific muscle groups and assist with body positioning.

Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates, this class will combine historical Mat movements with the feedback and support of multiple props. Magic circles, bands, balls, weights, rotating discs, and foam rollers are utilized to engage specific muscle groups and assist with body positioning. Work at your own level, whether needing to modify to find precise, safe movements or progress with control to your challenge point. An emphasis on mind/body connection and functional movement is included throughout the class.

This class is appropriate for the beginning or intermediate student.

We ask that students complete one private session at Thrive before joining this class.

Fast Track to Mat Classes $180 (1 Private & 5 Mat classes)
Package of 10 $200 ($20/class)
Package of 5 $120 ($24/class)
Single Class $27/class

"The individualized attention targeting weak areas, the considerate verbal descriptions of what to do, and the progressive exercises have all led to a wonderfully rewarding and productive experience for me. I could have tried a lot of different Pilates classes before finding anything so intelligently and sensitively presented. Thank you so much to the instructors at Thrive for their dedication and ongoing professional development that have enabled me to have such a safe, personal and fulfilling experience."
~ Alison S