Pilates Barre Classes

The Pilates Barre class takes traditional Pilates to the ballet barre. The upbeat series of exercises flow together continuously, keeping the heart rate elevated. Class begins with a fluid warm-up and progresses to arm work incorporating weights or resistance bands. Moving to the barre, focus shifts to legs and gluteus muscles. Finally, abdominals and back muscles are strengthened through a series of Pilates Mat exercises. It’s the perfect workout for injury prevention with balance work and full body toning. Fitness enthusiasts find this challenging, yet people with aches and pains find it to be therapeutic because of the close attention to form and detail. No prior experience necessary.

Advanced registration is required by signing up online.

"The instructors have extensive movement, dance, physiology, and health care backgrounds which makes them effective communicators when describing an exercise and its benefits."
~ Joanna B.